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Two of our Chaperones (Lunquists) will be chaperoning a group to go see Alcatraz on Saturday leaving on the 10:10 am Boat. If you child is interested please purchase tickets (cost is $42.15) at

AND please email to advise your child is going so we can make sure we have the right information on the checkin lists.


** NEW ** Updated San Francisco Itinerary and Packing List  -Click on the VIEW MORE ICON


To see the Parade Route and Other Information (Bleacher Tickets)

Discounted Bleacher Tickets 

Here are two links for discounted bleachers. You may look at the parade route on the SF CNY Parade website to see if you have a preference, but you will likely have a similar experience in both areas.


  • Can I watch the parade back in Irvine? (*NEW)

  • How is the student cost determined (*NEW)?

    • The cost for the trip is 350.00.  This costs consists of the bus contract, hotel contract and Hard Rock Cafe contract.  The cost is then divided equally between those going.

  • Will students on the waitlist might get to go (*NEW) ?

    • Yes, we have been able to add all the students from the waitlist.  Emails were sent to their parents, as of 11/23 there is only 2 of 8 who have not responded.  At this time all the seats are full, but if there is still a student who now wants to be on the waitlist in case soemone cancels email Vicki at   

  • How many Chaperones are needed for this trip?

    • Approximately 11 (Band/Colorguard) Parents and the 2 Directors.  

  •  Do Chaperones have to pay for the trip?

    • Yes, they are required to pay 1/2 price and the boosters cover the other half as a thank you because you will be working during the trip

  • Will any meals be provided (*NEW)?

    • Yes, we will be providing one (1) breakfast at the Hard Rock Café on Pier 39, Friday Morning.   All other meals are on your own

  • How do students choose their roommates (*NEW)?

    • There will be a sign up sheet in the band room and this must be completed by the end of December to submit to the hotel.

  • Have you chosen the hotel yet (*NEW)?

    • Yes, we sill be staying at the Hotel Caza near Fisherman's Wharf

  • Has Irvine High taken this trip before?

    • Yes, we have participated in this parade many times since 1986.

  • Do we take school buses or coaches?

    • We are taking coach buses determined by IUSD.  

  • Does the student need to be enrolled in a band, orchestra, color guard or percussion class 2nd semester to attend?

    • YES

  • What about rehearsal(s)?

    • We will have zero period rehearsals prior to the trip.

  • Is this a required trip?

    • NO, this is an option and NOT required.

 If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at

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